Chiffrerie & Impôt Laur-ianne

The accounting firm, founded in 1982, originated in the residence of its founder, Mr. Laurent Ménard on Pierre Laporte street in Grenville, Québec. To support the growth of the business, his wife, LiliAnne Rochon Ménard, stepped in to team up with her husband. Then, faced with increased demand, the owners of Impôt Laur-Ianne and Chiffrerie Laur-Ianne, set up at 1 Main St. East in Hawkesbury, Ontario. Now, Laurent and LiliAnne passed the torch to their daughter Chantal who united the two companies to create Laur-Ianne Accounting & Tax. A great business story to follow... The firm offers its services to individuals, sole proprietorships, small and medium-sized enterprises, non-profit companies, joint stock companies, general partnerships.



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